What is the point system for traffic offenses from the Department of Motor Vehicle in Delaware?

  • The number of points on your license has an impact because insurance companies learn about the points
  • They make inquiries to the Department of Motor Vehicles as to what the totals are for their insured drivers. Also, the Department of Motor Vehicles has a staggered point system whereby after 8 points they’ll review your driving record; after 12 points they’ll call you in for an interview.
  • This can result in your license being suspended. It could be suspended for two months; it could be suspended for six months depending upon the nature of the offenses that resulted in the points
  • Points come off of your record after the passage of time, and that’s a good thing to know. On option to remove points from your license is to take a defensive driving course. You get a three point credit for taking the defensive driving course and you also get a ten percent a year reduction in your insurance premium for taking that course
  • You have to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles when you’ve completed the course. Ordinarily, you can go onto the Internet to learn where the courses are given. In fact, some are even given online