What Court Handles Landlord-Tenant Issues in Delaware?

The court that handles landlord-tenant issues in Delaware is the Justice of the Peace Court.  There are five courts in Delaware including Justice of the Peace, the Court of Common Pleas, the Family Court, Superior Court, and the Supreme Court.  According to the code, the Justice of the Peace Court has jurisdiction over all of the landlord and tenant issues.
If you take a look at the Justice of the Peace Court website, they have a very good tutorial on how to handle landlord-tenant issues and they give you an idea of what forms are available for those issues.  An important thing to note about the Justice of the Peace Court is they are very user-friendly.  Process litigants have a decent time because they aren’t very procedural with respect to how they litigate cases.  There is no requirement for hearsay or at least they’re relaxed on it.
If you have any questions about going to the Justice of the Peace Court, please contact your landlord-tenant attorney.
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