What are the Consequences of a Juvenile Charge?

This is a frequent question attorneys receive. The consequences can range from writing an essay before the juvenile conference committee to being waived up and tried as an adult on the most serious cases including weapons offenses. For less serious juvenile offenses, and those who’ve not had previous contact with the juvenile justice system, the court system, judicial referee, or juvenile conference committee, there is a lot of leeway to craft a remedy that will benefit the child so that he or she does not have ongoing contact with the juvenile justice system.

What you need to know about a juvenile proceeding is that even though a juvenile may turn 18 during the course of the juvenile proceeding, unless he’s been waived up to be tried as an adult in the most serious cases, the matter will stay as juvenile and will stay sealed in his juvenile file. What people need to know about certain types of offenses such as sexual assault, posting of photos that are of a sexual nature, sexual crimes, or offenses that impose a Megan’s Law reporting requirement, is that the Megan’s Law reporting requirement, even though the matter is juvenile, will stay with your juvenile record for 15 years, even well into his or her adulthood.

It’s very, very important when you’re consulting with an attorney, to speak with someone with regard to the potential consequences. You should also make sure that if a plea is negotiated on behalf of your child, it considers very seriously the impact of a Megan’s Law requirement.

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