What are the Penalties for a Second DUI Offense in New Jersey?

People who have been convicted of a second DUI in New Jersey face a more harsh penalty than they did on the first offense.  A mandatory two-year loss of license is required with a second DUI.  There’s also 48 hours in the intoxicated driver resource center as opposed to the 12 that he or she may have received by virtue of pleading to the first DUI.

There’s not necessarily a jail time in addition to the IDRC requirement, but there may be depending upon the circumstances of the case. There’s also a DUI surcharge, just like there was on the first offense.  Again, as with the first offense, there are defenses to the DUI.  In particular, a skilled attorney will look at the time lapse which has taken place between the first offense and the second offense, to determine whether there are some additional defenses that can be raised in defending your case.

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