What Do I Do if my Tenant Breaches a Lease?

Attorneys are often asked by landlords, “What happens if a tenant breaches a provision of the lease?” For example, they have a requirement that they cut the grass and the tenant simply isn’t doing it. Then the neighbors start complaining and the local government issues tickets to you. Breach of lease is handled similarly to when a tenant doesn’t pay rent. The only difference is the letter required gives seven days notice to the tenant to fix the problem or else you will go to court and try to seek possession of the unit.

The letter must be specific as to what provision of the lease or the code was breached and must indicate that the tenant has seven days to resolve the problem. If the tenant does not solve the problem, you may file for possession with the Justice of the Peace court. If you have any questions about what happens when a tenant breaches a particular provision of your lease, please contact your landlord/tenant attorney.

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