What Do I Need to Know about Social Media Posting Privacy?

In the juvenile context, social media posting privacy of juveniles is a huge issue in the law right now. Our children are afforded the opportunity to have all kinds of technology, but they’re not necessarily responsible enough to handle the consequences of some of their actions. Oftentimes we see juvenile matters related to the posting of photographs, for instance, that one’s friend has given him and he distributes to his classmates. What you need to know is that these actions can result in very, very serious charges in the juvenile context such as invasion of privacy, distribution, and manufacture of pornography.

This can have some dire consequences for children including the inability to be enrolled in college, the inability to secure employment, and the inability to get financial aid. It’s really important not only to discuss these matters with your children, but also, if your child is affected by this type of a charge either in the context of his school or in the context of a juvenile matter, that you contact an attorney immediately to mitigate the situation, to counsel him, and to get a hold on the situation so it doesn’t harm him any more than absolutely necessary.

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