Who Will Pay my Wages if I Have to Stay out of Work?

We typically get asked that question where there is someone who has a serious injury and they’re required to take time off because of their disability. The first level is to go through temporary disability and that’s a state program.  Thereafter, if you have coverage through your automobile insurance, you can go through that route to collect your wages.
Unfortunately, neither of these coverages will afford you the same amount of wages that you earn when you’re working. That means that the excess has to be obtained somewhere.  What we do in that case is get the excess through the person who caused your injury.
The only other alternative is if you get injured in the course of your employment, you have workers’ compensation that pays temporary. Again, you’re in the same situation. It will not pay you 100% of your loss and so we’re left to pursue the excess against the person who caused your injury.
With any one of these situations when you’re facing lost wages, it’s very important that you contact an experienced attorney who knows the way to pursue these matters and to put your best foot forward so you can be made whole.

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