What’s Important to Know about Getting Arrested for Drugs in Delaware?

Individuals who have been arrested and charged with drug offenses in Delaware have a rather complicated statutory scheme that they have to look at to determine what the potential penalties are. The state has recently completely revamped the office of Medical Examiner, which is the office that does all of the drug testing.

The state has police forces who in cooperation have Drug Task Forces; so therefore, there’s a lot of focus on drugs. For marijuana, simple possession, there’s been a tendency to reduce the penalties. There was even an initiative in the past General Assembly to make possession a civil offense. Not a criminal one.

However, on the other side of the coin, you have heroin, and cocaine, and the abuse of prescriptive drugs as calling for greater penalties, and the amounts are really significant in terms of the penalties that are imposed for rather small amounts which are being sold or distributed. Possession, they’re still trying to deal with that so that the penalties are not that significant.

Anytime there is a drug arrest, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible so that the entire circumstances of the arrest and the potential penalties and the weights can be reviewed.

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