What if I’m Charged with Drug Distribution?

What you need to look at if you’ve been charged with distribution of controlled dangerous substance (CDS), are the circumstances surrounding your stop, whether it’s in a car or out of a car. You need to take a look at your personal circumstances. I think this, more than some other types of CDS-related charges, involve a case-by-case analysis. You need to take a look at your personal circumstances in terms of where the Officer saw you. Did the Officer see you in your home? Did the Officer see you in your car? Did the Officer see you by yourself, with someone else, actually selling drugs to someone else, actually buying drugs from someone else?
Another consideration is do you have a drug problem? Is this for personal use? Very often, people will see large quantities of heroin for example, and they’ll assume that 25 bags of heroin is for distribution purposes. Unfortunately, many times it’s not for distribution purposes. That really changes, from a legal perspective, the complexion of the case and the potential consequences with which you’re faced.

In addition, New Jersey has some wonderful alternatives from people who have drug issues. Sitting down one on one with an attorney to talk about the precise circumstances in which you were charged, will be most advantageous to you in terms of negotiating a resolution that’s helpful to you.

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