How can drug court help me?

Any sort of drug charge will face serious consequences, as various states throughout the country are cracking down drug possession and sales in order to take a stand against the number of drug-related deaths that seem to be on the rise no matter where you go. One way that states like New Jersey and Delaware are working to help those with drug addiction problems is by way of instituting drug courts. These generally allow a person to reduce their time behind bars and participate in a drug rehabilitation program instead.

In Delaware, the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health has funded drug court diversionary programs that allow participants to spend time working towards beating drug addictions. For cases that are heard in Delaware’s Superior Court, drug court participants should spend at least six months in the program. Cases that are heard in Delaware’s Court of Common Pleas will generally last at least 14 weeks. The program requires program participants to go through drug testing, assessments, counseling, and education during the course of the program.

In New Jersey, drug courts have been issued since 1996 and have a similar intent to those in Delaware. They have had success in rehabilitating people who were convicted of drug charges in the state and work towards encouraging recovery from substance abuse. New Jersey’s drug court programs typically last between one and two years. These programs put a person on probation and require them to receive substance abuse treatment and random drug testing throughout the period of time they are in the program. These programs can be completely outpatient or in more severe cases, done through a residential treatment program.

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Delaware or New Jersey, you may want to see if you are eligible for a drug court program. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney today who can provide you with assistance.

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