What is the Pretrial Intervention Program?

Unfortunately, substance abuse continues to be a growing issue in New Jersey and throughout the United States. Many people struggling with these issues may find themselves facing criminal charges. However, New Jersey offers a program that may allow certain offenders struggling with substance abuse to go through a Pretrial Intervention Program. This can allow first-time offenders to go through rehabilitative services to help them overcome substance abuse instead of spending time behind bars. The state believes when a person overcomes substance abuse issues, they have a lower chance of committing another crime in the future.

In order to be considered for the Pretrial Intervention Program, there are certain qualifications one must meet. The person may not have had any previous convictions and may not be applied to juvenile offenders or people who live outside of New Jersey. The crime itself must only be an offense that is handled in New Jersey’s municipal or criminal court system. A Pretrial Intervention Program may last between one and three years. The participant will be continuously monitored by their program supervisor who will subject them to random drug/alcohol tests, treatment programs, possible community service, psychological evaluations, and more.

To apply as a participant in the Pretrial Intervention Program, the defendant must apply within 28 days from the date they have been indicted. They will attend an interview with the Superior Court’s Criminal Division. When they are accepted into the program, a PTI Order will be drafted that determines the participant’s individual requirements that they will have to complete in order to successfully finish the program.

If you have been indicted and want to participate in the Pretrial Intervention Program, contact an experienced NJ criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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