What is Delaware’s points system for a traffic violation?

Whenever an individual is pulled over by a law enforcement officer for speeding, they will face serious consequences. Not only do many people face fines, they also may be subject to increased insurance premiums. This can result in hundreds of extra dollars for car insurance each month. The insurance company believes that driving dangerously increases your risk for an accident and therefore, they will increase your premium. This typically occurs when points are added to your license. In Delaware, there is a points system for each speeding violation.

The points violation is as follows.

  • Drivers speeding 1-9 miles per hour over the speed limit face a 2 point violation
  • Drivers speeding 10-14 miles per hour over the speed limit face a 4 point violation
  • Drivers speeding 15-19 miles per hour over the speed limit face a 5 point violation.

When a person speeds 20 or more miles per hour over the speed limit, not only will they face a 5 point violation, they may also be subject to a license suspension. Other penalties, dependent on the number of points you have include:

  • 8 points- driving record review
  • 12 points- interview with the Division of Motor Vehicles

The interview may result in a driver’s license suspension for between 2 and 6 months. If you have been issued a speeding ticket in Delaware, contact our firm today for legal assistance.

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