Am I required to serve on a jury in New Jersey?

By law, all United States citizens are required to serve as a juror. Part of our Constitution states that all individuals have the right to a trial by jury, which allows unbiased citizens to hear evidence and decide the fate of a verdict. Individuals can be selected to serve on a state jury or a federal jury.

In order to be considered eligible to serve as a New Jersey juror, you must meet the following qualifications. You must be both a United States citizen and a New Jersey resident above the age of 18 who is physically and mentally capable of serving on the jury. If you have a health condition that may not allow you to serve on a jury,  you will be required to submit a note from your doctor stating such. You must be able to fluently read, speak, and understand the English language. Finally, if you were convicted of an indictable offense, you may not be eligible. This does not apply to those who have been convicted of traffic violations,  DWI’s, and juvenile offenses. If you are active duty in the U.S. military or if you can prove you will suffer severe financial hardship, you may be excused with permission.

If you fail to report to jury duty or fail to return your juror questionnaire, you may be subject to a fine of up to $500 or even imprisonment for contempt of court. It is important to note that your employer is not permitted to penalize you in any way for being absent from work because you were serving as a juror. If your employer tries to penalize you for jury service, they may face criminal charges and civil actions.

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