New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

Though it is unfortunate, many consumers are taken advantage of by the individuals or companies who provide them with goods and services. Luckily, New Jersey understands the seriousness of this problem and has taken steps towards finding a solution. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act serves to protect consumers throughout the state from being scammed by anyone they conduct business with. This piece of legislation creates a level playing field in the marketplace and works towards protecting those who do business in New Jersey.

Consumers generally assume that they are going to be given a fair price and a quality product when they make a purchase. When a consumer makes the decision to hire someone to perform a service for them, such as a contractor to make home improvements, they assume that this person or company will do the work at a quality level and in a timely fashion. If a contractor says the work will take 30 days but it ends up taking 90 days and the quality of materials used is not what you paid for, you may have a case under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act. There are many other ways a person can be protected under this Act. It is also important for businesses to be aware of what their obligations are so they don’t find themselves in legal trouble.

If you believe that you have been a victim of consumer fraud, it is important for you to speak with an experienced attorney who can assess your situation and determine if you may have a case under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.