What to expect at a real estate closing


Arguably the most exciting day of the real estate purchase process, though maybe tied with the day you find out your offer has been accepted, is the closing day. In order for you as a buyer to officially become the owner of the home, you will have to attend a closing meeting. Before the closing meeting, it is important to do a final walkthrough with the realtor to make sure the house is in the condition you expected it to be in.

On the closing day itself, you will go to the attorney’s office and essentially sign your life away for the next thirty or so years. And be prepared to sign.. a lot. If you have to sign on behalf of your spouse as well using a special power of attorney, be prepared to sign twice the amount of documents as everyone else.

While you are at the closing meeting, it is important that you have the real estate attorney explain every document that you are signing. After all, this is one of the biggest transactions you will ever make so it is important to understand what you’re getting into.

After all of the paperwork is complete, the house is yours! Your realtor can hand over the key and you can start this next chapter of life.

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