How do I end a lease?

Sometimes, situations arise in which an individual is renting a home but circumstances change and they need to end their lease. If a tenant decides that they do wish to move out of their current living arrangement, they will have to notify their landlord of their intentions to leave. In order to end a lease in New Jersey, a tenant will be required to notify their landlord in writing before the lease is supposed to end.

Regardless of whether the tenant wishes to end a monthly lease or a yearly lease, Ending a monthly lease requires the tenant to give the landlord written notice one month in advance. This is also true for ending an annual lease. If a tenant makes the decision to move out before the end of the lease, they may be held responsible by the landlord for continuing to pay rent until the lease ends or until a new renter moves in. In this situation, the landlord has a responsibility to try and find another tenant for the apartment and if they can’t, they must be able to prove that they made an effort to rent the unit.

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