Is my landlord allowed to enter my unit whenever they want?


When an individual rents a property, whether it be a house or an apartment, they typically have a landlord who is in charge of that dwelling. That being said, tenants in New Jersey have exclusive possession of the unit, meaning that the landlord can’t just come into the apartment or house whenever they want. There are only specific occasions in which the landlord or people who are working on behalf of the landlord are allowed to enter the unit. These include the following situations:

  • If the tenant specifically requests that the landlord or those working for the landlord come inside
  • If the landlord has to conduct an inspection of the apartment, but only under the following circumstances:
    • after there has been a reasonable increment of time since the last visit (every day is unacceptable but every few months for good reason is permitted)
    • only at reasonable times of day when the tenant is home
    • only if the landlord gives the tenant notice that they will be conducting an inspection, usually with written notice given at least one day prior
    • if repairs need to be made, the workers may enter at a reasonable time
    • if emergency repairs need to be made, notice may consist of a phone call that does not have to be one day in advance

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