What are special needs students entitled to?

Special needs students are entitled to certain requirements based on laws. In order to provide them with the best education possible, there are services available to them that can fit their needs. This can aid them in their education and bolster their learning ability. A student may have the need for a smaller classroom, an adjustment to activities in an inclusion class or a one-on-one aide for school time. Other related services for schooling include transportation. If your child cannot get to school like the other children, the district may be required to provide free transportation. They may also include occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech services. These are rights by the law that a special needs child is entitled to.

Does my child have to qualify for these services?

In order to gain these services, parents need to prove that their child is in need of these services. Since these services can be costly to the school district, they must see proof that the child needs these services to help with their pursuit of education. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, there is a list of disabilities that qualify for special education services. If a disability affects a major life activity, they may also be entitled to the extra aid.

Even though your child might qualify for the aid, you will need to show the district that this need is necessary. These services can be essential for those students with special needs for education. That is why they are reserved for these individuals. Parents can speak to an attorney to find out what kind of services may be available in their school district and to understand how to approach the situation. An attorney can help you gather the correct information to present your case and give your child the access they need to certain services.

Every child is entitled to an education in the public school system. The state offers resources to school districts in order to provide for these services. With these services, special needs students are able to get a proper education. Contact our professional attorneys to learn more about your options for your child.

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