Can I prevent removal proceedings?

When the threat of deportation or removal proceedings is a reality, individuals can become scared of what might happen to them. They may not want to return to their home country due to a variety of reasons. They may have tried to start a life in the United States where their loved ones are. Deportation threatens their safety by causing you to leave the U.S. for unknown periods of time. You may not be allowed back in for years if you are faced with a bar. This can prove to be detrimental since you will be stuck outside of the country for that period of time. However, there are ways you may be able to prevent your removal from the country. An experienced immigration attorney can present you with options and provide the best insight on how to avoid deportation.

What should I avoid?

During this time period, it is best to keep a low profile. Do not demonstrate any behavior that could be seen as morally bad. This means that you should not get yourself into trouble with the police. If you have a criminal record, it can be hard to combat your removal from the country. With certain crimes on your record, you may be deemed as a social disruption since you could have crimes of moral turpitude. These crimes show bad morals and do not present the type of individual that is supported to live in the United States. By demonstrating good moral character, you could be seen as a great attribute to American society. This can be shown through community service or other involvement with activities that positively influence American society.

What if my family can’t support themselves?

There are situations where your family may suffer through extreme hardship if you are deported. For these cases, you may be able to fight for your role in the family. These hardships can not be centered around you. Rather, they must show that your help is needed for your family to continue living peacefully in the United States. If you are needed to support them financially or with a sick relative, you may be granted a hardship waiver. This waiver may allow you the ability to stay in the country to help your loved ones.

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