How is a drug trafficking charge more serious than a possession charge?

Drugs are dangerous substances that should not be used by individuals. They can have serious effects on their health and lead to substance abuse. Addiction is not something to be toyed with. With an addiction, individuals can face a lifetime of issues. Their whole lives can fall apart. They can even be thrown in jail due to continual use and abuse of drugs if they face enough offenses. Drug offenses often vary depending on the amount of drugs that are found on an individual. If an individual is found with enough drugs that are presumed to be for personal use, they may not face as harsh penalties as someone found with more drugs in their possession. If they are found with enough drugs that may show that they had the intent to sell and distribute these drugs, they can face harsher penalties than just a simple possession charge. Even further, a drug trafficking charge can greatly affect them by causing more consequences that can be harsher. Drug trafficking means there was an excess of drugs found that lead to wide-scale distribution service.

Can I face more charges if it’s in my car?

If you are found with drugs in your car while driving, you can face even greater penalties. First, drugs are illegal. If they are found in your car, it could infer that you have been driving while under the influence of these drugs. By having drugs present in your car, you have violated New Jersey Motor Vehicle laws. It may result in the loss of your license in addition to charges relating to the specific amount and type of drug.

How are drugs categorized?

Drugs are categorized by their addictiveness. Certain drugs can be more addictive than others, leading to more dangerous consequences. If a person were to try a drug once that was deemed more addictive, it can be harder for them to stop abusing that drug. Even prescription drugs can be deemed illegal. If you do not have a prescription for that drug, you can be charged with drug possession. Certain prescription drugs are abused and distributed. If you cannot present a prescription because it is someone else’s, you can face consequences.

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