What is product liability?

Upon purchasing a product of any sort, one generally assumes that they will be harmed by the product. After all, why would a company put a defective product on the shelves of a store? However, this does happen and when it does, consumers can become seriously injured. There may even be class action suits against the liable company because the product has impacted so many people.

Design Defects vs. Manufacturing Defects

There are two types of product liability claims. The first is known as a design defect. This is when the initial design of the product caused the consumers to be injured. The attorney has to prove that if the product had been designed differently, the injury would not occur. A manufacturer’s defect is the other type of product liability claim. Manufacturer’s defects occur when an error in the actual production of the product takes place. If a manufacturer diverts from the product design, consumers can end up with injuries because of the deviation.

One of the most common product liability claims is for those involving motor vehicles. Major recalls take place when drivers’ lives are put in danger. For example, air bags may be ineffective, brakes may not work as they should, and as seen recently with Volkswagen, the company may have lied about the amount of emissions the car gives off.

Household goods and products are also very commonly seen in product liability cases. It is important that if you have been injured by a defective product, you hold the company accountable. You may not be the only one injured by this product. Contact an experienced product liability attorney who can provide you with assistance in assembling a case.

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