Driving on a Suspended License

When an individual in Pennsylvania gets their license suspended due to a traffic violation or another issue, they may worry about how they will get to and from work or school. One way that individuals can go to designated locations on a suspended license is by obtaining an Occupational Limited License. This is available only for non-commercial drivers who have had their driving privilege suspended. For individuals who rely on a motorcycle as their primary mode of transportation but have had their license suspended, they may be able to obtain a Motorcycle Limited Driver’s License.

It is important to note that these limited licenses only allow drivers to go to designated locations, such as:

  • an occupation
  • schooling
  • medical treatment
  • a trade

Another crucial element that must be pointed out is that if the individual’s privileges to drive have been revoked, disqualified, canceled, or recalled, they will not be able to obtain an Occupational Limited License. Other categories of ineligibility include drivers who have never been licensed by the state of Pennsylvania or any other state, or they have already been issued an Occupational Limited License at some point in the last five years.

If you have been required to obtain an ignition interlock device, you must also have that installed in the designated vehicle that you have been given permission to drive.

It is important to be aware that this only applies to clients in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately for those in New Jersey who have a license suspension, there is no hardship license available so please keep that in mind before risking additional penalties.

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