Who’s responsible for a dog bite?

Pets are a happy part of our home lives. They can be a great companion to us. Dogs are some of the most lovable pets in American households. No matter what type of dog you have, you can consider them your best friend. Our pets are lovable to us, but they may not seem that way to other people. Other people may find them intimidating. Since they are unfamiliar with new people, our dogs may not act in a friendly manner to others. In these situations, they may even act aggressively and bite other people. This can prove to be a problem for dog owners since they can be held responsible for their dog’s inappropriate behavior. If your dog acts in an aggressive manner and bites someone else, they can hold you accountable for the dog’s behavior and seek damages in return for the accident. This can cause you to lose money to another individual. However, you should seek legal counsel to fight this case. If you believe the individual antagonized your dog, they may not be able to find you accountable. If your dog was properly restrained, it may not be your fault that this act occurred.

What are the circumstances that apply?

Although dog owners can be held accountable for their dog’s aggressive behavior to another individual, this can happen in certain situations. If the owner was negligent, then they may be responsible. Their negligence can be seen if they did not have their dog properly restrained when the dog bite occurred. If the dog has a history of violence, the owner should have reasonably known about the dog’s tendency to act this way and they should have taken the proper precautions to prevent their dog’s interaction. However, if the injured individual entered onto the owner’s property and the dog was antagonized, they may not be able to hold the owner responsible for the dog’s behavior since they trespassed onto the property where the dog was properly restrained. If the injured individual was taking part in a crime when the attack occurred, they also may not be able to hold the dog owner liable due to their intention to commit a crime.

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