Glennon C

I honestly don’t even know where to start… This firm is absolutely incredible! First, 100% hats off to Ashley Nechemia (lawyer extraordinaire)! If I could give her 30 stars, I would… My fiance’ and I have (or should I say HAD) a landlord/ tenant issue where, long-story-short, we were being unlawfully harassed by our landlord. It only took one (1) letter from Ashley for the harassment to cease completely. Her letter was so detail-oriented that our landlord literally called us the next day with a totally different tone and was borderline apologetic. He sounded petrified, to be honest, and gosh, it was so fulfilling to hear them finally speak to us like the decent humans we are! Just to paint the picture, our landlord had been using threatening and intimidating tactics to unlawfully try to make us get rid of our dogs. Never before have I ever felt so heard, so completely & holistically heard by an attorney. Ashley was literally able to articulate our souls in that letter, and WOW was she effective! My fiance’ and I have decided that Ashley Nechemia is our lawyer, PERIOD, for any & everything moving forward!

Oh oh, there’s more…! Ashley is the most responsive, accessible attorney I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life. She answers her phone EVERY SINGLE TIME! Seriously, she never made us feel like we were bothering her or that we were a nuisance if we had a quick question or the latest development in our situation. And the two times that she didn’t answer her phone, she called us back in less than ten (10) minutes! That level of responsiveness is absolutely HUGE and a total game changer when it comes to peace of mind! When you retain Ashley Nechemia, you’re truly getting your money’s worth! Ashley, you’re the real MVP!!! Hopefully, we’ll never need an attorney for anything ever again, but if we do, you are it!