How long will my accident case take in NJ?

  • The simple answer is, it depends on the severity of the injury that you suffered in the accident
  • Representing clients over many, many years, we have an obligation to make sure that the client is either finished treating for their injuries or has reached a medical plateau before we even consider settling their case
  • Other issues involve whose fault the accident was. If the accident was your fault, then that could be a challenge that leads to the matter taking longer than usual
  • Until the insurance company and you or your attorney reaches a reasonable resolution of your case, then your case is not going to settle. It’s going to continue to move forward
  • By law we are bound by the statute of limitations in these cases. If your case proceeds to litigation, that complaint has to be filed within two years of the date of the accident.
  • If you have questions or issues concerning either the timing, the nature of your injury, or how long your case is going to take, your best approach is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney in New Jersey.