What can I do if I am a victim of Domestic Violence?

  • Domestic violence, although it’s been around a long time, is more recognized now
  • The laws have evolved so that intervention can happen rapidly as possible, to prevent serious consequences
  • Delaware has a legal procedure called a “protection from abuse petition”
  • A party can file it, name the abuser, and require the abuser to come into Family Court, to either consent to the agreement, or to go through a proceeding to prove that abuse has taken place
  • Domestic violence can be physical, mental, or emotional, with a constant history of demeaning conduct, name-calling, and demeaning words and expressions
  • A protection from abuse petition can be used in a situation of domestic violence
  • The petition can be for a one or two year period
  • It can require the abuser to vacate the marital residence, to make support payments, and to pay expenses associated with the marital residence while the abuser is out of the residence
  • Further, it can require that a motor vehicle be awarded to the party residing in the marital residence