What can I do if my child is facing suspension or other significant discipline at his school?

  • If your child is charged with a significant or serious violation of the student code of conduct, or even a crime, and is facing serious disciplinary action (such as expulsion), you are entitled to an appeals process that has three separate steps.
  • The first step is appealing the discipline decision to the Superintendent, who will give you an informal hearing.
  • The second step is an appeal to the School Board, that will conduct a meeting that gives you the opportunity to confront actual witnesses, get access to all relevant documents, and to make your argument for overturning the action.
  • The third and final step is taking them to court. Proving your case in court is very difficult; you must prove that the Board’s action was “arbitrary and capricious.”
  • Because of this, it is critical to have knowledgeable counsel to guide you and represent you.