traffic ticket

Can Traffic Tickets Be Plea Bargained Down in New Jersey?

The answer is yes with some limitations. Some tickets, such as DWIs, cannot be plea bargained. Most, however, can. Prosecutors though are limited in that they can only plea bargain to a ticket that’s related to the original offense. A speeding ticket, for instance, cannot be plea bargained to something like having your brake light […]

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pulled over

Can I Plea Bargain my Traffic Ticket Charge in the State of Delaware?

I’m often asked by clients whether there is a possibility of entering into a plea bargain regarding their traffic charges. The answer to that is yes. Naturally, it’s going to depend upon the nature of the charges and the numbers of them. In almost every circumstance, the police officers or prosecutors are willing to reduce […]

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What are the penalties for 3rd or subsequent DWI offense?

 The penalty for a third DUI conviction in Delaware is a felony on your record with a minimum penalty of 6 months in jail, and possibly up to 2 years, together with loss of license and serious fines.  Further, there is no time limitation between offenses; it is calculated across the entire lifetime.  Consult an experienced attorney now […]

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