What should I do when a lease has ended?

  • The end of a lease poses the most problems for landlords and tenants because the law is very specific.
  • First, 60 days notice must be provided to the tenant or landlord regarding termination of the lease. The 60 days notice starts to run on the first of the month after you’ve given the notice. If you give notice on the fifth of the month, you have to wait until the first of the next month to start the 60 days running.
  • Next you must contact the tenant to schedule a unit inspection.
  • During inspection, make sure to write down all issues/problems with the unit, and to take photos of each instance of damage.
  • Next, you must get an estimate to repair each instance of damage. This information is used in a “20 day letter”, which you must send out. It details any/all problems with the unit, and the cost for repair, and indicates whether you are going to take a portion or all of their security deposit to fix them. Failure to send out a 20 day letter could subject you to double the rent.
  • It is important to consult an experienced attorney to help you with this complex process.