What Happens If You Didn’t Appear In Court For a Ticket?

There’s a few things that can happen that will be at the discretion of the court. The court can send a notice stating that you still have to pay the fine now with an added penalty, which you can do. The judge can enter a failure to appear which can result in your license being suspended, a warrant being issued for your arrest, and for bail being ordered. If your license is suspended, you will have to both resolve the matter and pay a restoration fee to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle in order to get your license restored.
If a warrant is issued and you’re stopped by the police for even a minor traffic offense, you can be taken into custody and have to post bail. If bail is ordered, you’ll have to post that bail in order to resolve the matter.  It’s very important that if you have an upcoming court date or if you’ve missed your court date, you contact an experienced attorney so they can help you resolve the matter.

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