What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device is installed on a vehicle, particularly where the registered owner of the vehicle has been convicted of a first DUI with a reading over 0.15, a second DUI, a third or subsequent DUI or a refusal. The ignition interlock device is an apparatus into which the driver must blow and provide a good breath sample that shows the device that the person is not intoxicated, before he or she is able to start the motor vehicle.
What you should know about the ignition interlock device is that it’s costly. It costs about $100 per month. If it’s imposed, it may be imposed during the time in which you’re suspended for DUI, which presents some logistical problems in terms of getting your vehicle, that’s principally registered to you, to an inspection station to be looked at once per month, while you don’t have the benefit of your New Jersey driving privileges.
In the case of a first-tier DUI, there is a range in which the court has discretion as to whether or not they can impose the installation of the interlock device. It’s important that you talk to your attorney, about the consequences associated with the imposition of the interlock device. Combined with the $100 per month, roughly, insurance surcharge, a $100 per month interlock device maintenance fee can be very, very significant, so talk to your attorney about it because it is very important to know.

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