What is discovery in divorce?

Getting divorced is a generally lengthy process and there are a number of steps that a couple going through a divorce needs to take in order to successfully dissolve the marriage. One of the parts of a divorce that must be dealt with is known as discovery. The discovery process investigates the financial situation of each spouse. Each spouse is required to provide a statement of net worth that details their income, expenses, assets, debts, pensions, and any other financial aspect that needs to be considered when making the important decisions that are associated with getting divorced. These decisions may include determining child support payments, matters of child custody, spousal support payments, and more.

If you don’t believe that your spouse is providing the accurate financial information during the discovery process, you may want to hire a forensic accountant that can conduct an investigation into your spouse’s finances. This is necessary many times in situations where the spouse owns their own business and you are unsure of what their income is. One red flag that they are not being honest about their income is when their reported income does not seem plausible when compared to their expenses. That being said, it is crucial that you are honest in your own statement of net worth or you may find yourself being investigated by a forensic accountant as well.

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