Jerry L. Tanenbaum Teaches Online Seminar On Bullying Laws

Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C. is pleased to announce that Jerry L. Tanenbaum, head of our education department will be teaching an online seminar called “School Bullying Law: Know Your Rights & Obligations,” on May 4, 2017, at 3:00 pm via LawLine. Attorney Tanenbaum’s class will be streamed as a webcast and intends to inform viewers of the intricacies surrounding bullying in schools. The program will delve into the legal history of bullying in schools as well as how children in protected classes are targeted by this behavior. This course will discuss the differences in how these matters should be handled depending on the child’s classification and the variations in the laws surrounding them. Attorney Tanenbaum will assess the factors that lead to bullying, how schools, parents, and students can mitigate the negative impacts, and look into how schools can limit their liability when students are bullied.