NJ Combines Drug and Mental Health Counseling

New Jersey is proud of its efforts to combat drug addictions amongst state residents through programs like drug court. Now, officials are acknowledging the link between drug abuse and other mental health issues and are doing something about it. Throughout the state, officials are working to stop the abuse of opioids and addiction to heroin, which is being called an epidemic in recent years.

Camden County has announced an initiative that plans to fuse treatments of drug addiction and mental health issues, working to help those who struggle with both of those areas. The county’s Office of Mental Health and Addiction will be a safe haven for those who need help with both addiction and mental health. The easier that New Jersey makes it for people to access assistance, the better off the whole state will be. If more people have access to treatment to drug addiction services, there will be fewer arrests, less drug-related deaths, and ultimately, less addiction overall, resulting in a healthier New Jersey. Heroin and opioid addiction has been an ongoing battle for the state, with 191 substance abuse-related deaths in Camden County alone in 2015.

Many people who are obtaining treatment for drug addiction may not even realize that they also need assistance for undiagnosed mental health issues as well. This combination of assistance can be a great resource for New Jersey. If you are struggling with drug addiction in New Jersey, find out what resources are available to you. Additionally, if you have been arrested for possession of drugs in New Jersey and are struggling with addiction, you may be eligible for drug court. Drug court can require you to go through a series of evaluations regarding your substance abuse issues and can help you work towards sobriety. Contact an experienced attorney who can fight for you to participate in drug court or find other options that may help you combat your addiction.

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