Breathing Problems From Birth Injuries

Breathing is like second nature to most of us; we do it moment by moment without even trying. However, for babies who have been deprived oxygen during gestation or during labor and delivery, breathing is anything but simple. If your baby has been diagnosed with a birth injury that has caused breathing problems, you may be facing considerable medical bills to pay for injuries sustained from the lack of oxygen.

Whether minor and temporary or serious and long-term, breathing problems caused by birth injuries occur when the baby has been deprived oxygen for a period of time. This can happen during the nine months of pregnancy if the placenta separates prematurely. The umbilical cord can also become wrapped around the baby’s neck or tangled around a limb during gestation or delivery.

Regardless inadequate oxygen supply to the baby can cause significant birth injury. Some of these injuries include:

  •     Permanent physical injury
  •     Cerebral palsy
  •     Blindness
  •     Hearing impairments
  •     Intellectual and motor skill delays

It’s generally believed that if oxygen supply was cut off for three minutes or more, the injuries sustained may very well become lifelong challenges. At Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, our attorneys have put their medical malpractice experience to work for many families, like yours, that are dealing with children with birth injuries. We can help get you the compensation you are entitled to and deserve if your baby was injured because of negligent medical personnel.

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