Can I remove points from my license in NJ?

pulled over

When a person commits a traffic violation in New Jersey, they will be subject to the accumulation of points on his or her driving record. Depending on the violation a driver commits, the MVC will add points that can lead to increased insurance premiums and if too many points have been accumulated, a license suspension. The points system for speeding is as follows:

  •  2-point violation for speeding 1-14 miles per hour over the speed limit
  • 4-point violation for speeding 15-30 miles per hour over the speed limit
  • 5-point violation for speeding 30 miles per hour over the speed limit

Luckily, New Jersey offers drivers an option for drivers who are in jeopardy of a license suspension to take a remedial driver’s class that they can take in lieu of losing their driving privileges. The Driver Improvement Program is one of New Jersey’s remedial driver programs that can allow a person to keep their license out of suspension. The four-hour course is only for those who have obtained between 12 and 14 points on their license over more than two years. One is only allowed to attend this course if they have received a Notice of Suspension from New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission. If an eligible driver fails to complete this course, they may be subject to a 30-day license suspension.

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