Employee Wrongful Termination Laws

When an employee in New Jersey believes that they may have been wrongfully terminated, they may also wonder what their legal rights are in response to the wrongful termination. Luckily, New Jersey has a number of employee protection laws that can help them hold their employer accountable for any wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, the Conscientious Employee Protection Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act all aim to provide employees with the necessary protection from employers who try to do them harm. If an employee believes that they have been wrongfully terminated in New Jersey, they must fulfill the burden of proving that their employer fired them for an unlawful purpose. There are several causes of wrongful termination that may include retaliation against an employee and the act of unlawful discrimination. In order to prove that an employer took part in the wrongful termination of an employee, the employee has to show that their employer broke one or more of the laws previously mentioned. It may be a good idea to discuss the terms of your firing with an experienced employment law attorney who can help you determine if you have a valid case and furthermore, assist in proving that your employer acted unlawfully.

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