How can I deduct points from my NJ driving record?

When an individual in New Jersey commits a traffic violation, they will likely be issued a ticket. In addition, the driver who committed the traffic infraction may have points added to their driving record. When someone has points on their license, they may be subject to a number of other consequences, such as increased insurance premiums. In addition, if the driver has too many points on their license, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission may actually suspend the driver’s license. This happens if the driver has accumulated 12 or more points.

Of course, no one wants to have their license suspended. Luckily, New Jersey allows drivers who have accumulated points on their license to participate in programs that, if completed, result in a point deduction. The ways an individual can have points deducted from their license include the following:

  • The driver has no additional violations for one year of the previous violation (-3 points)
  • The driver participates in a Defensive Driving Program (-2 points)
  • The driver participates in a Driver Improvement Program (-3 points)
  • The driver participates in the Probationary Driving Program (-3 points)

There are certain restrictions on these programs so it is important to consult with an experienced attorney if you are issued a ticket for a traffic infraction.

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