New Jersey Healthcare Proxy

It is very important that individuals in New Jersey create a comprehensive estate plan to make sure everything goes as they would want it to if they can no longer voice their opinions. When an individual in New Jersey begins the process of estate planning, they may want to consider appointing a trusted party to handle all of their medical care in the event that they can no longer handle it for themselves. In legal terms, this individual is referred to as a healthcare proxy.

The healthcare proxy is responsible for making sure that any end-of-life wishes are known. In addition, they will have the responsibility of making all of the decisions regarding the healthcare of the individual. The healthcare proxy may also have the guidance of an advance healthcare directive, which outlines all of the individual’s wishes on certain treatments (i.e. whether they want lifesaving measures taken), whether certain treatments go against their religious or other moral beliefs, and more.

It is important that as one starts to age, they consider a healthcare proxy, even if they do are not necessarily ill. A healthcare proxy can bring peace of mind in the event of an unexpected or otherwise emergency situation. If you need help creating a comprehensive estate plan, contact our firm today.

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