When should I update my will?

Creating a will is a very important factor in the estate planning process. Though it may feel unsettling for some to plan for the future, it can truly bring significant peace of mind to a person because they know what will happen to everything they have worked so hard for over the course of their life. A will allows an individual to create a list of beneficiaries that will receive their assets after they pass.

An individual’s will is an ongoing document. That being said, it is important for the individual who has created a will to make sure that it still reflects the current circumstances of the individual’s life. That being said, a will should be updated each time there is a drastic change in one’s life. A few of the occasions that a person may want to revisit their will include when a child is born, the individual gets married or divorce, a named beneficiary passes away, new assets are acquired, among other things.

To ensure that an individual’s will is valid in New Jersey, it must meet the following criteria. A valid will must be:

  • Witnessed by two individuals
  • In writing
  • Signed by the subject of the document
  • The individual must proclaim that they are aware that they are at a will signing

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