How can domestic violence be stopped?

Abusers have no place in a home. They can cause too much damage to their families. The people in these homes need to have their abuser gone. With a restraining order in place, it can help their situation. This can remove the abuser from the home. When an abuser is living in a household with their victims, they can cause serious damage to these individuals. The damage to victims can be physical or mental in nature. When these situations occur, victims should seek help to get out of their current situation.

New Jersey takes domestic violence seriously. The New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 was put in place. This act was made to fight these situations involving domestic violence. By obtaining a restraining order, it can help to guarantee the safety of you and your family from a possible abuser. This can give you the space that you need to heal due to these terrible circumstances. A temporary restraining order has the ability to limit the proximity and contact one can have with another party.

Is it hard to get a restraining order?

When a situation becomes dangerous for family members living in a home together, they can suffer. These situations need to be combatted. It is best to seek action as quickly as possible when you are a victim of domestic violence. This can prevent anything more serious from happening in the future. When these situations are brought to the state, they rarely deny granting someone with a temporary restraining order. The court can quickly hear the case and then they can decide if the temporary restraining order should become permanent. A restraining order can be granted due to assault, harassment, terroristic threats or mental abuse. With these circumstances, it is important to seek the relief you need from an abuser because your safety should always come first. A temporary restraining order can help provide you with comfort knowing that they cannot come within a certain distance of you. A restraining order is not a criminal charge against an abuser, but there are ways to seek criminal charges against an abuser for domestic violence offenses. You can seek criminal charges against your abuser if you wish to do so. This can further the case.

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