Workers’ Compensation Laws in Pennsylvania


When people head to work for the day, they expect their day to go just like any other usual day. They rarely ever think about what would happen if an accident were to occur and they were to become injured while at work. No matter what an individual does for a living, there is always the chance that an accident may happen at the workplace. Employees should feel comforted knowing that, if an accident were to happen, workers’ compensation is available to them if they become injured at work.

Workers’ Compensation

If an employee is injured on the job, there is financial compensation available to them. Workers’ compensation is insurance that helps employees who are either injured or receive an occupational disease while at work. The compensation allows employees to receive benefits that assist them while they cannot work. Almost every worker in Pennsylvania is covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act. This includes seasonal and part-time workers. Those who are not covered by the Act may include volunteers, agricultural laborers, casual employees, and employees who are exempt from the Act due to personal religious reasons.

In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation covers medical bills if an employee sustains an injury or illness on the job. If they are unable to work as a result, they may receive compensation for any wages lost until they can come back to work. If an employee dies as a result of the incident, certain death benefits may be paid to any dependent survivors of the deceased.

It is important for an employee injured at work to report the accident to their employer or supervisor immediately. They must also file a claim if they wish to receive workers’ compensation. The claim will then be evaluated, which may possibly include an investigation and interviews. This is done to determine if the claim is covered under workers’ compensation law. It is important to know that when a decision is reached, both parties have the right to appeal the approval or denial.

Who is Responsible?

When an employee is injured at work, they often wish to hold someone responsible. While it may be possible to hold their employer responsible, this can create an uncomfortable work environment. In place of this, employees are offered workers’ compensation. When an employee receives the compensation, they can no longer pursue a lawsuit against their employer.

Third Party Lawsuits

While an employee cannot take legal action against their employer for their injuries if they are receiving workers’ compensation, they may be able to do so against a third party. If a third party is responsible for an injury, they may be held accountable while the employee still collects workers’ compensation. This can be done through a personal injury lawsuit. It is important to know that if the employee wins the lawsuit and receives further compensation, they may have to pay back the workers’ compensation they received.

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