Delaware Repeals Estate Tax

Starting January 1, 2018, Delaware will no longer require estate taxes. The state is increasing taxes on certain goods such as tobacco, alcohol, major corporations, and real estate transfers. The estate tax was actually only in place since 2009, in an effort to bring Delaware out of its $800 million deficit. It is important to […]

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What’s important to know about planning an estate?

Estate planning isn’t always an easy process to start simply because thinking about the future after your passing can be unsettling for some. Though it’s difficult to think about what happens after your gone, it may give you some peace of mind to know that having an estate plan can protect your wishes and your […]

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What is Power of Attorney and What is Important to Know About it in Delaware?

In Delaware, endurable power of attorney grants the agent broad rights to act in the place of the principal. It’s always important to ask someone that you trust to act in your stead, and it’s important also in Delaware that the agent acknowledges their rights, duties and responsibilities in an attachment to the power of […]

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