Dog Bite Injury Attorneys in Delaware


Commonly, dog bite injuries involve a pet of someone you already know, like a friend or family member. Whether a stranger’s dog or a dog you know well inflicts an injury, be sure to take down some information. You should get the name and address of the person, evidence that the person owns the dog, evidence that the dog has its proper shots, that it is properly licensed and registered, and if the dog has any history of violence. Protect yourself and contact an experienced Delaware personal injury attorney.  Lawyers at Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C. handle these cases regularly and are available to assist you through this ordeal.

If a dog attacks an individual in Delaware, the owner may be liable for the injuries caused by the dog. Delaware code 1711 states that the dog’s owner is held responsible for the dog’s actions, unless the victim was trespassing, engaging in criminal activity or tormenting the dog in any way. The important thing is to seek out a lawyer to examine the facts of the case and get reasonable compensation for any injuries sustained for that dog bite injury when applicable.

In Delaware, most homeowner’s insurance will cover pet owners for incidents like this and many dog bite injuries occur on the owner’s property.  In Delaware, you may have a case to have your medical bills paid for by that person’s homeowner’s insurance or regular insurance. Speak with an experienced Delaware personal injury attorney at Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C. to protect your rights and see if you have a case.