New Jersey Family Law and Divorce Lawyers


Divorce and family law matters can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Though parents work to mitigate the impact of a divorce on the family, issues must be addressed. If you are involved in a divorce, some of the issues that can come up include alimony, child support, child custody, and property distribution, to name a few. When such serious matters are a reality, it would be best to contact an experienced attorney. If you need quality legal support, contact Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C. Our firm understands how divorce and family law matter can affect one’s life and family. Our compassionate attorneys will ease your stress while providing you with the representation you deserve. With convenient locations in Cherry Hill and New Brunswick, New Jersey, we are strategically situated to serve clients across the state. To schedule an appointment, contact our firm today.


Sometimes, spouses have irreconcilable differences and can no longer stay in a marriage. The process of divorce can be a complicated and lengthy procedure based on how contested the separation may be. Divorce can be a quick procedure or a long, emotionally painful event. In New Jersey, courts have mandated that divorce proceedings should not take longer than 12 months from the Complaint of Divorce. Of course, there are exceptions. Most cases should be completed in less than 12 months. More

Child Custody and Visitation

In divorce, separation, and other family law matters, the custody and visitation rights for minor children are major elements the courts, parents, and lawyers must consider. The goal is to work for the child’s best interests and agree on a positive custody and parenting arrangement. When both parents have frequent and continuing access to the child, it is believed that the child’s best interests are achieved, unless one or both parents would negatively affect a child’s healthy development, as in domestic violence or drug-related cases. More

Child Support

Parents are legally obligated to support their children under the age of 19 and sometimes beyond that if the child attends college. In times of divorce, separation, or other legal matters, the courts have the authority to order parents to financially support their children. Each state has guidelines that determine what is fair to both the parents and the children. The determination of a fair child support agreement is a complicated process and many factors will be considered. They are mostly predictable and the guidelines are often presumed to be fair and just. More


When parties go through the process of divorce, alimony, or spousal support, is often a hot topic. Spousal support is not always justified depending on the circumstances of the marriage. Divorcing couples should consider what type of spousal support is appropriate for their situation. The four types of alimony are permanent, limited duration, rehabilitative, and reimbursement. More

Property Distribution

When filing for divorce, one of the major factors both parties consider is property distribution. Both believe they are entitled to a certain split of all assets, which has the potential to be contested and heated. It is important to consider the factors the court will examine when distributing assets. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state and assets will be divided in an equitable fashion. This does not always mean equal, but rather, what is fair. Though the court will decide on the case, it encourages the parties to come to an agreement, with or without a mediator. More

Divorce Mediation

Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller, P.C. is honored to provide effective mediation services for those who wish to avoid litigation. Our goal is to help separating and divorcing couples reach an amicable conclusion to their marriage. For many, mediation is a success because of the benefits that come with the process. Our attorneys are available to act as mediators, guiding couples through the process and ensuring that their needs are met.