Is It Necessary To Go To Court For An Auto Accident Case?

  • The short hand answer is, the better the case, the less likely it is you’ll go to court
  • Where a case is clear in terms of who’s at fault, where the injuries are serious, where the injuries are clearly documented, chances are you will not have to go to court
  • In these instances you will most likely settle before before going to trial
  • When a case becomes problematic is when there’s an issue as to whose fault the accident was, how much comparative fault is blamed on you for the accident, whether the injuries have been documented properly, and whether the evidence has been accumulated properly
  • When those things are problematic, then there is a chance that the case will go to court.
  • In most instances people will settle and you won’t have to go to court for every case, but there are certain cases where it is inevitable to go to trial
  • There is not a definitive answer as to whether your case will go to court, but every case has to be analyzed on its merits
  • The way to get yourself the best opportunity not to go to court is to find an attorney who’s experienced and has dealt with motor vehicle accidents and who has gone to court so he knows what he has to put together