What are the common traffic charges and penalties that a court will order?


  • Most of the traffic charges we receive are for speeding, not following traffic devices, not having insurance or a driver’s license in the driver’s possession, or not having the correct registration information
  • Your charges are going to be listed on the ticket, and it is important to know what they are
  • The court will ordinarily impose the minimum penalties provided that your traffic history is not significant, meaning, if you don’t have a large number of points on your record or you don’t repeatedly have the same offenses
  • Someone who’s had a lot of speeding charges can’t expect to have their speeding charges reduced and they’ll get the maximum penalties because of that bad record
  • Insurance related offenses are the ones you want to avoid because the fines are very high and it also results in suspension of your license
  • The same way with not having your vehicle registered, it’s possible you would get a suspension of your license for driving an unregistered motor vehicle. It is possible to plea bargain those provided that you immediately correct the offense. If you didn’t have the vehicle registered, you need to get it registered thereafter.
  • You can actually do things after the ticket is issued to reduce the penalties that the court is going to impose