What’s important to know about Motorcycle accidents?

  • Frequently we are asked to look into motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles have become very prevalent on the road. The injuries that result from a motorcycle accident are much more severe than those that we see from motor vehicles
  • The number of injuries and even death coming from motorcycle accidents has increased drastically in the last ten years
  • Motorcycles are difficult to see and follow. They move quickly, and unless you hear them, many times it’s very difficult to avoid them
  • Handling a motorcycle accident has several aspects that are unique to motorcycles. Th negligence issue of whether someone has done something wrong and caused injury to a motorcycle operator is no different than what happens in a motor vehicle accident Motorcycles have to follow the same rules of the road as the automobiles do, so if there is fault on the part of the operator of a motor vehicle who collides with a motorcycle, that part of it is pretty much the same
  • The difference in motorcycle accidents is that people who ride on motorcycles don’t get the benefit of the medical coverage that’s provided through their auto insurance. Typically, in an auto case and you’re in your own car, and you have an auto accident, you have what’s called personal injury protection coverage. That’s medical coverage that you carry in the car. You don’t get that with a motorcycle because that’s been excluded by virtue of the law, so generally, you don’t have that coverage. You don’t have that benefit for you.
  • If you’re on a motorcycle, and your accident is with a private passenger vehicle, nine times out of ten you’re going to be subject to the verbal threshold, which means you have to show serious and permanent injury before you can recover
  • However, motorcycles have their own aspects and their own issues. It is important to have someone on your side who has handled motorcycle accidents before; who has represented people who ride motorcycles so that they can present your case as a motorcycle rider in the best light