What are the Consequences of a Firearms Arrest?

traffic-municipalClients are often confused about what the consequences are of an arrest where firearms were involved. They can be significant because there will be additional penalties associated with any type of crime where there was a firearm. It will raise the level of the crime and it will raise the penalties associated with the crime. It is not only firearms, but any type of deadly weapon.
A firearm is any type of weapon that is capable of discharging a projectile, so you get pellet guns that are firearms for purposes of the Delaware code. In addition, you have weapons, and a weapon could be any type of a knife where the blade is longer than three inches and it was open. Some folks carry pen knives, and more than three inch blades would be deadly weapons. That would be a weapon that could increase the penalties. Separately, just for the weapon, there is a mandatory three year incarceration for possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony. Any person convicted of a felony is barred for life from possessing a deadly weapon of any type.
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