What are Diversionary Programs in New Jersey?

My_Trusty_GavelIn New Jersey there are several different types of diversionary programs for first time offenders. In the municipal court there are two. For drug offenses, there’s the conditional discharge program. For non-drug charges, there’s the conditional dismissal program, which is something new effective the beginning of 2014. In the superior court, there’s the pre-trial intervention program. Each of these is unique, but essentially each of these programs is designed to give people who’ve never been charged with a crime, an opportunity to maintain a clean criminal history.
For each of these offenses, you would ask to be admitted into one of the programs. They would have certain conditions; for instance, reporting to probation whether via telephone or in person. If it’s a drug offense, you may have to submit to random urine testing. If you’re successful in completing any of the programs in which you were enrolled, you would not have a criminal record as a result of being admitted into these programs. This would enable you to maintain your livelihood, your education, your financial aid, and personal life circumstances that would be impacted by a criminal conviction.
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